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Your space is designed with a specific goal in mind: to welcome guests, delight visitors, engage customers and showcase your company’s brand. We get that. We understand space needs and requirements for you to be successful. Our experience runs deep. Our talent is unmatched, and our enthusiasm is contagious!

OUR Services


H2B is a full-service architectural firm, providing new-building design, renovations inside and out, building additions, and just about everything in between. We have a passion for architecture, and we believe creatively designed spaces resonate with life, not only fulfilling functional requirements but also exciting the senses as well.


Our team goes a step beyond the obvious and truly designs each and every space to be an inspiration. Whether it’s a tenant finish or unique hotel lobby, every project has the potential to be an exceptional experience no matter the budget. We strive to create interactive and immersive environments—ones that seamlessly provide functional work and recreation spaces within an atmosphere that enlivens the participant.


Developing a quality master plan can be the most critical step in any organization’s development. We analyze the current situation, ask questions, thoroughly research sites and development opportunities, and provide a fully developed plan that will serve your organization for years to come.


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